Tierny’s Art Producer Offers Relevant Estimating Insight. Thank you Tom!

Originally posted on Notes From A Rep's Journal:

One of the funniest, kindest and professional art producers I know offered to contribute to our blog recently.  His name is Tom Adjemian and he is a producer at Tierney in Philadelphia.  I have know him for years and he always has something funny and engaging to say.  It is no wonder then that his post is just the same.  Thanks Tom!

1) How often are you asked to triple bid a project?  And, is there ever is a clear first choice, do you let that person know they are the recommend?
We triple bid all of our projects. We are required to do so for our clients, but even if we weren’t, I’d still likely do it. It’s always good to have options. It’s certainly good to be prepared with alternatives, in case anything changes at the last moment. As far as tipping my hand, that’s a bit of…

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