Attention All Photographers: Andy Anderson is Teaching a 2 Day Workshop About Staying True to Your Creative Vision.

Originally posted on Notes From A Rep's Journal:

For as long as I have known Andy Anderson, he has had a clear photographic vision.  He is very true to his style yet understands the importance of bringing that personal vision to life in the context of a commercial assignment.

Well, on February 27 and 28th, at the Texas Photo Roundup,  he will be sharing his secrets for being able to navigate this relationship.  Attend his workshop and learn how to pull from your vision to partner with clients to create relevant and creative commercial imagery.    The workshop will provide an opportunity to experience what it is like to take direction from a client.  How does your imagery change based on their input?  How do you prioritize the clients needs alongside of yours?

Link here to find out more and register.

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